Hidden Pearls – Hijab review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by sister Rashadah from Hidden pearls – a UK based online hijab & hijab accessories store and was asked to choose two hijabs from their wide range of collection for review. I chose maxi chiffon and crinkle chiffon hijab. The old I might have gone for a fancier… Continue reading Hidden Pearls – Hijab review

tales from Quran

Habil & Kabil : first murder on earth

Adam and Eva were sent down to earth from paradise and they started a family life. After a few years Eva gave birth to twins – a girl and a boy. Though their names are not mentioned in Quran, from some records we get know that their names were Kabil and Iqleema/Iqleemia. A few years… Continue reading Habil & Kabil : first murder on earth