Choco Monarch – Heavenly chocolatious!

We visited a special place the other day - Choco Monarch, a cafe in Al Ghurair centre, Dubai which would actually make anyone with sweet tooth droool. It is a small cafe with cute seating arrangement located inside Al Ghurair centre. We had high expectations of the place as we had already stalked their posts… Continue reading Choco Monarch – Heavenly chocolatious!


Galito’s Flamed Grilled chicken – Restaurant Review

  Have you ever had a mini burger? Or have you even heard of one? If not, stroll over to Galitos – a restaurant that falls under the tablez group. They have the best burgers which is tiny in size but tastes 10 times heavenly than regular burgers. I was so surprised to have found… Continue reading Galito’s Flamed Grilled chicken – Restaurant Review


Peppermill : Restaurant review

Peppermill is a restaurant located inside Bawabat Al Sharq mall, Baniyas – Abudhabi. The restaurant is known to have a blend of flavors from Colonial Indian period with a fusion of modern and local savor that could give tinkles to your taste buds. Considering the fact that there are not many family friendly restaurants in… Continue reading Peppermill : Restaurant review


My baby wearing journey with Soul

A year ago, I had never imagined myself as a baby wearing enthusiast like the one I am today. Baby wearing was something I had never given a thought to while my eldest was a baby. But this time around, when the little one arrived I chose comfort and convenience over anything else. Comfort while… Continue reading My baby wearing journey with Soul

tales from Quran

Habil & Kabil : first murder on earth

Adam and Eva were sent down to earth from paradise and they started a family life. After a few years Eva gave birth to twins – a girl and a boy. Though their names are not mentioned in Quran, from some records we get know that their names were Kabil and Iqleema/Iqleemia. A few years… Continue reading Habil & Kabil : first murder on earth